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Our Mission

British Caribbean Doctors and Dentists’ Association (BCDD) is a network of medical/dental students, doctors and dentists of Caribbean origin, which was created with the intention of bringing together like-minded individuals, to support each other through training, celebrate our culture and to raise aspirations of young Caribbean’s in the UK, in order to increase representation within medicine. 

We have developed a strong network of doctors and dentists who are able to support junior members and provide mentoring throughout all aspects of their career. 

our aims

1. To provide support and mentoring to Caribbean Doctors, Dentists and students throughout training

2. To increase visual representation of Caribbean’s in Medicine and Dentistry

3. To become role models for young people, thereby raising their aspirations

4. To advocate and educate regarding health inequalities

5. To provide input around equality, diversity and inclusion policies

6. To provide health promotion to our community

Our Purpose

Through our outreach programmes, we aim to inspire and support the next generation of Afro-Caribbean children in their career choices and journeys into medical school.

Our doctors are an important source of knowledge and support for each other with the common goal of achieving unity and progress.


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